ISSN 0371-0874, CN 31-1352/Q


王静, 张伟东, 林木森, 翟清波, 于锋. 甲状腺素心肌病大鼠血流动力学和心肌钠、钙电流的变化[J]. 生理学报 2010; 62 (4): 325-332.

Wang Jing, ZHANG Wei-Dong, LIN Mu-Sen, ZHAI Qing-Bo, YU Feng. [Alterations of cardiac hemodynamics, sodium current and L-type calcium current in rats with L-thyroxine-induced cardiomyopathy.] [Ariticle in Chinese] . Acta Physiol Sin 2010; 62 (4): 325-332 (in Chinese with English abstract).